Why You Should Try Linen Bedding

The secret for a good night’s sleep? Cool, well-ventilated room and natural linen bedding. Linen is well known for its high air permeability and heat conductivity properties, keeping you warm during the winter and cool throughout the summer.

Choosing natural linen sheets, linen duvet covers and pillowcases improves blood microcirculation, contribute to the improvement of skin condition. Small nodules and dense, hard fibers of linen have an easy massage effect. With frequent use of linen bedding, you can significantly improve the texture of the skin and improve the body. And this is all we are about - feeling good!

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. But when it comes to kids… the amount of sleep is epic! It is constantly changing — from endless sleep in the babyhood to it gradually decreasing when growing up. We can’t ignore the fact that so many important processes happen during the child’s sleep — the ones that are important for child’s growth, development and health in general. So when it comes to arranging baby crib, bedding should be considered equally as important as the other needs. One of the benefits of choosing linen bedding among other fabrics is that linen is known as one of the most breathable fabrics, which is extremely relevant when it comes to child’s skin comfort. ⁠

Let it wrinkle. Seriously, linen is naturally wrinkled and we love the way it is. We don't iron our linen bedding and somehow it feels so relaxing to rest in. Think of it as time-saving life hack and leave iron for cotton shirts and trousers.

It “lets” you sleep peacefully as you know you made a conscious decision and have one more sustainable material at your home.

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